ORAIBI PRESENTSAsger Jorn and the international situationist

at Officin with a display by Internationalistisk Ideale


Opening May 9, 2014, at 5 PM

Reading of Asger Jorn and Jrgen Nash's poems in "Stavrim, Sonnetter" by Danish actress Ida Ccilie Rasmussen at 8 PM


From May 9 – May 30, Officin hosts a project by Swiss OraIbi bookshop. Oraibi Bookshop is an on-going curatorial project based in Geneva (CH) and run by Ramaya Tegegne and Tiphanie Blanc. The selection of books will focus on Asger Jorn and his relationship with the French avant-garde and the international situationist movement. For the event, Oraibi has invited Danish editorial project Internationalistisk Ideale (Marie Klbk Iversen and Louise Hold Sidenius) to make a print and video display focusing on Jorn's publication "La Langue Verte et la Cuite from 1968, known in Danish as 'tungebogen' – the 'tongue book'. 

The display is conceived as a kind of relay race with a copy of the tongue book as baton: Louise Hold Sidenius makes a wall installation with cut-outs from the book generating a new visual narrative. Marie Klbk Iversen makes use of the book's diagrammatic drawings to make a video installation that collapses the book's attempts at a scientific systematization. After the opening and during the exhibition period, Thomas Hvid Kromann will rework Jorn's text into a new text, which will form the basis for a publication that also sums up the dissecting maneuvers of Hold Sidenius and Klbk Iversen. This publication will be issued at a finissage held towards the end of the exhibition.


As an exception, Officin will be open on Saturday May 10th from 2 to 7 PM

This project is part of the Artist Run festival